The London Open 2016
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Welcome to 2016


> The date for the London Open 2016 has been announced.
> Prize money announced £10000.
> Single Weapon Format competition style announced.
> Top 20 GB fencers reduced entry fee.
> Full details published below.

Dear Athletes,

We would like to welcome you to London for the 7th London Open 2016. Entry to the London Open will be accepted on a first come first served basis from 9am Monday 27th June 2016.

Entries will continue to be accepted until Wednesday 13th July 2016 or until places are full. There is no late entry fee. Only entries with full payment will be registered. If you have not made payment then you are not entered. No entries or payments will be accepted on the day.

On Wednesday 20th July 2016 a final email will go to all registered participants with any final changes to the format or changes to start time.

We wish all athletes the best of luck.


This means every weapon will be run totally independantly from other weapons.

After listening to feedback from participating athletes and following the recommendations from our evaluation meetings for 2015, a single weapon competition style will continue to be adopted for this year. The management team have made new internal plans for 2016 so that each weapon will have its own DT results personnel, Competition Control, Piste allocations and other measures including a new parallel local/global PA system. This will ensure that each weapon will run independently with all the benefits of a single weapon competition, in addition to the benefits of a multi-weapon competition.

For announcements and up to date news please check our << Notice Board >>

All enquiries to: londonopen@fencing-uk.com

Address Westway Sports Centre, 1 Crowthorne Road, London W10 6RP.
Parking Secure parking at centre's own car park, £7 per day. (07770777176)
Tube Latimer Road (2min walk) Circle Line + Hammersmith & City Line.
Main Railway Paddington (10min drive).
Local Railway Shepherds Bush, from Victoria (5min drive).
Facilities Refreshments available at the sports centre cafeteria.
Cash Prizes - £10000
Cash prizes for all medallists at each weapon. These prizes will be presented at the medal ceremony. To avoid securing a lot of cash at the competition venue, cash prizes will be transfered to your account in the week after the competition weekend.
  Event Gold Silver Bronze Bronze
Men's Foil
£1000 £200 £200 £200
Women's Foil £1000 £200 £200 £200
Men's Epee
£1000 £200 £200 £200
Women's Epee £1000 £200 £200 £200
Men's Sabre £1000 £200 £200 £200
Women's Sabre £1000 £200 £200 £200
Special Prizes £400        
Competition Details
Check in times are confirmed. But may be slightly delayed if schedule allows. Any changes will be announced on (Wed 20th July 2016).

Please note that the format may change depending on final number of entries. After the closing date (Wed 13th July 2016), the final format will be decided and all registered fencers will receive an email on (Wed 20th of July 2016).

After a constructive period of discussions with British Fencing, this final format has been agreed. This agreement is exclusive to The London Open and does not affect any other event. Please check announcement page for full details.

Competition Niff & National Ranking:
If any fencers eliminated after the Wave 2 poule round are overseas fencers (not in the top 50 of world ranking), who had received a direct bye to the second wave, they will not contribute to the niff nor will they receive GB ranking points (even if they have a GB licence).
Two wave system (Wave One on Saturday & Wave Two on Sunday)
The top 4 fencers will be automatically promoted to Wave Two.
All other fencers will start in Wave One.
Byes to Wave Two

Because of the small number of byes to wave two, we recommend that all athletes should make arrangements to be there to fence in wave one. On Wednesday 20th July 2016, athletes who will receive an automatic bye to wave two will be informed.

If you receive a bye you will be offered £125 to referee on Saturday. This can offset the extra night of accomodation.

  Wave One Wave Two Gala Finals
Date Sat 23 July 2016 Sun 24 July 2016 Sun 24 July 2016
Timetable 14:00 | Check In Close 09:00 | Check In Close 13:00 | Doors open
14:00 | Presentation
17:30 | Medal Ceremony
Max Entry (to be confirmed) 20 4
Location Competition Hall Competition Hall Gala Hall
Format One round of poules (no fencers eliminated)
followed by DEs to a tableau of 16.
Top 16 will be promoted to Wave Two
The next four highest seeded fencers will be put on a reserve list to replace any fencers who fail to present themselves at check-in.

One round of poules
Four fencers will be eliminated.
Followed by DEs to top 4

> Presentation
> Semi-final 1
> Semi-final 2
> Finals
> Medal Ceremony

If numbers allow a two wave system will be adopted the same as the Men's. Otherwise, there will be one wave and Gala
  Wave One Wave Two Gala Finals
Date Sat 23 July 2016 N/A Sun 24 July 2016
Timetable 13:00 | Check In Close N/A 13:00 | Doors open
14:00 | Presentation
17:30 | Medal Ceremony
Max Entry (to be confirmed) N/A 4
Location Competition Hall N/A Gala Hall
Format One round of poules (no fencers eliminated)
Followed by DEs to a tableau of 4.
Four fencers will be promoted to the Gala Finals


> Presentation
> Semi-final 1
> Semi-final 2
> Finals
> Medal Ceremony

Sabre will run on Sunday only.
  Wave One Wave Two Gala Finals
Date Sun 24 July 2016 N/A Sun 24 July 2016
Timetable 09:00 | Check In Close N/A 13:00 | Doors open
14:00 | Presentation
17:30 | Medal Ceremony
Max Entry (to be confirmed) N/A 4
Location Competition Hall N/A Gala Hall
Format One round of poules (no fencers eliminated)
Followed by DEs to a tableau of 4.
Four fencers will be promoted to the Gala Finals


> Presentation
> Semi-final 1
> Semi-final 2
> Finals
> Medal Ceremony

Seeding for the competition will be made in the following order:
1) World ranking up to the top 100
2) National Ranking x Country weight up to the top 100
3) National Ranking 101+
4) Any fencer not ranked will be seeded 999 regardless of their actual standard
High level fencers who do not show up on their relevant country National Ranking or residing National Ranking will be entered as seed 999. This may cause a poule to be stronger than it should be. No consideration will be made to their actual level. This will also be true if a fencer has dropped in the ranking due to attending less competitions.
Poule Separation will be as follows:
1) By seeding
2) By country
3) By club
Therefore if a club has fencers from different nationalities they may well end up in the same poule.

All weapons: £30 (no late entry fee)
Top 20 ranked: £15 (reduced entry fee)
Foreign Fencers: Free of charge (must not be on the British National Ranking List)

Cheques payable to: The Blades Club
All weapons: Once maximum number of entries is filled the overflow will be added to a waiting list first come first served
Foil & Epee: Priority will be given to higher ranked fencers until (Wed 6th July) using the official June National Ranking lists.
All entries will be on a provisional list in the order they arrive. On (Wed 6th July) the highest 40 ranked men fencers and highest 20 ranked women fencers will be accepted and registered. The rest will be selected according to their entry date. Once the full places in the men's and the full places in the women's are filled, the remainder will go on a waiting list.
There is a security procedure at the centre. No-one will be allowed in without a ticket (if not competing) or an accreditation (if competing). Ticket price on the day is £5 per person payable at reception. But competing fencers can book spectator tickets for their guests before the closing date (Wed 13th of July 2016). This will reserve them for you for free. All competitors will be issued with accreditation on arrival.
We are happy to announce that the medal place matches will be held in a separate hall set up specially for the Gala on Sunday afternoon. Tickets will be on sale and marketed to the public at £22 per ticket. But fencers competing at the London Open can buy Gala tickets for the discounted rate of £12, only if bought in advance. If seats are available tickets can be bought at the door for £22. Fencers who buy Gala tickets in advance (before Wed 13th of July 2016) and then make the podium (medal places), will have their gala tickets + 1 guest gala ticket refunded.

> Foreign entries: by email
> Discounted Top GBR fencers: By email
> GBR Fencers who do not wish to be listed: By email or by post
> GBR fencers who wish to be listed: by sport80

By Email You can email your registration form to: londonopen@fencing-uk.com
Then you will need to call us to pay by credit / debit card: Beatrice Taylor (+44 7887 787962)
By Post Send cheque and form to: The London Open, Suite 75 Canal Building, 135 Shepherdess Walk, London N1 7RR.
Cheques payable to: "The Blades Club"
By Sport80 Click on this link:
Individual Registration Form
Personal Details
First Name    
Last Name    
DOB   (if Under 20)
Parent / Guardian   (if under 18)
Entry Details
FIE #   (if applicable)
BFA #    
National Ranking    
International Ranking    
Extra Notes    
Group Registration Form
# FIE # / BFA # Name Last Name Weapon Ranking


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