Updated: 29.10.02

Format & Rules

The rules and format below are set for the London League and must be adhered to. They are subject to change with prior notice. Any change will only take affect after an updated copy of this newsletter has been sent to all clubs on the list.

  1. Weapon Foil. (No off target from 2003)
  2. Team format competition by relay accumulative points to 45 hits.
  3. Each bout is to the next increment of 5 hits.
  4. The last bout of any match may only be fenced by one of the main fencers on the team, not a reserve fencer.
Teams may enter any fencer who :
  1. is 13 years or over on 1st January 2002.
  2. has not won an Open.
  3. Has not made in the national ranking list the top:
    a. 50 of the men's
    b. 25 of the Ladies
    c. 20 of the Juniors
    d. 10 of the Cadets
  4. In special circumstances, the organisers have the right to refuse or accept a fencer outside the restrictions in rule 1 and 4, if in the opinion of the organisers it was deemed appropriate for the level considering the aforesaid fencer.
Points & Ranking
  1. Individuals get points by no. of hits scored against them divided by no of individual bouts.
  2. Only the main fencers on the team are eligible to collect points towards their individual League ranking.
  3. To qualify for individual final ranking, the fencer must have taken part in over 60% of total number of possible bouts in the league. Three bouts being the maximum for each match.
  4. Teams get points by number of hits scored plus 10 points for a victory.
  5. If a team wins by default, the team will gain 10 bonus points for victory and 45 points for hits. Individuals will not gain any points.
  6. Promotion: At the end of the league matches, the top 4 teams will be promoted to the finals.
  1. Clothing must conform as follows:
    • Masks must be electric with back-strap and of the correct size.
    • Under plastrons must be worn unless kevlar Jackets of 800N are used.
    • Jackets must be at least 350N.
    • Breeches must be worn. - Long socks covering the legs.
  2. Registration: Each team must name two main fencers and two reserve as a minimum on registration. Each team can only have a maximum of 3 main fencers.
  3. Teams may be formed from fencers of different clubs.
  4. Extra Reserves: Teams may register as many extra reserves as they wish.
  5. Fees: Registration fee includes registration fees for 2 main fencers and 2 reserve. A registration fee applies for any extra reserve subsequently registered.
  6. Each fencer may fence for only one club for any given year.
  7. The Main 2 fencers on a team may not fence for another team of the same club. However any of the reserve may do so. But reserves are not eligible for points on their individual ranking points on the league.
  8. The Finals: The 4 teams in the finals will fence in the order of their overall ranking in the league, as follows: 1V4 & 2V3. The losers from these two matches will fence for 3rd place and the winners will fence for 1st and 2nd.
  9. Team selection: Teams may only select their team for the finals, from fencers already fenced for the team in the league. They may not register any extra fencer just for the finals.
  10. Two of the main fencers must be part of the team in the finals. The rest of the team can be either main fencers or reserve fencers.
  11. (still to be revised) Either before the match has started or at any time in the match a new fencer can be introduced to replace a team member. The fencer new fencer introduced can not be already on the team in that match.
  12. Once a fencer has been replaced, the fencer taken out may not be put back in, in that particular match.
  1. If any of the eligibility restrictions were not complied with and a fencer is wrongly entered in the team, then that team will be banned for two further matches. If the finals has already taken place that team may be stripped of their medals. Any such complained must be filed to the organizers up to a week from the finals taking place.
  2. If a fencer from a team fences in the wrong order the team forfeits the whole match.
  3. If a fencer is not ready on the piste in the time allowed, can not fence (because of injury or otherwise) or is absent; The opponent team will get 10 penalty points or as many points needed to the accumilative score for that bout, whichever is lower. However, those penalty points will not count either for, or against any of the fencers in that bout.
  4. If a team is not present at the starting time (i.e. delayed). The mach will go ahead with 5 minutes given to every one of the nine bouts. At the end of every 5 minutes for every bout 5 penalty points are awarded to the fencer present on the piste. However, penalty points do not count towards individual points. If a fencer arrives on the piste within the 5 minutes, they can only fence in whatever remains of that time.
Time limits:
  1. Each bout is limited to 3 minutes.
  2. At the end of time, score remains as it is. Scores do not get made up to the next 5 multiplier threshold.
  3. By default each match has an overall time limit of 60 minutes.
  4. At the end of 60 minutes if the match is not concluded to 45 hits by any of the two teams, then the scores remain the same and the team with the highest no of hits are the victors.
  5. At the beginning of each match, the team who score the first hit, inherits priority.
  6. If at the end of 60 minutes the scores are equal, a further 30 seconds of actual fencing time will be given. Any team scores the first hit wins. Otherwise the team with priority will be the winner.


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